Monday, July 13, 2020


Joining me to talk about the Satellite Era JLA's first annual is none other than Sean Ross! Pour extra coffee, folks. It's a long one. Find Sean on Twitter @Sean42AZ

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  1. A giant show for a giant issue. I’d not read this since it came out so took half an hour to re-familiarise myself with it before tuning in to your show. And what a show it was, Sean is such a great guest, and you’re you, Clinton Robison.

    I’ve already shared some favourite moments from the issue with you on Twitter, so won’t rehearse them here. Also, I’ve only recently awoken from an appalling night’s sleep, having had a really intense, apparently lengthy dream in which I impulsively hopped on a plane after work one day and flew to New York. Once there I was racing through the streets on a freakishly high steampunk double decker bus, watching TV’s Michaela Cole revealed as Catwoman as she moved into a strip mall occupied solely by super-villains, walking sheepishly down some very steep steps into a city square where there was some kind of art sale...

    ... I kid you not! Worst of all, I couldn’t remember my hotel room booking, couldn’t find my wallet, had to eat greasy fries and sausage on the street... I still feel a tad stressed. Blooming Dr Destiny and his inter-dimensional shenanigans. Never mind monsters, he could likely defeat any superhero with the power of a rotten night’s sleep; seriously, try to get through the morning with your head in a fug.

    That festival organiser had more character than your basic ‘person in the street’, I bet she was someone Paul Levitz and/or Len Wein knew, you know, like Tom Fagan of Rutland Hallowe’en Parade fame.

    To me, there were no Z listers in the Justice league – they were the World’s Greatest Superheroes and I was probably more excited to see Zatanna and Red Tornado than the super-familiar Superman and Batman. I hadn’t even noticed that the Man of Steel hadn’t been in the book outside of Ralph’s dream.

    Funnily enough, Sandman was in the big Wonder Woman #300 anniversary issue earlier that year and he was a massive creep. It’s no wonder she kept her distanced this time. You should do that issue with Sean!

  2. Oh, and if this story had been set post-Crisis, we know those ‘vivid, powerful dreams’ of Superman’s would have been about Diana...