Monday, November 27, 2017


I am joined by Rob Kelly of the Fire and Water Network to discuss...a Legion comic?! Also, stay tuned for a special announcement.
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  1. Fun episode! Always liked the Legion and my favorites were Lightning Lad & Timber Wolf. Keep it up! Now off for my second cup! Derek (Calvinist Beast on Twitter)

  2. Fun episode. Rob likes the Legion! I knew he wasn’t a monster!

    I bought this as a kid and yes, the main draw was the election, I knew Thom’s history by heart. Still, I can see how it would serve newer readers well.

    When you lads were talking about Star Boy’s Superboy-like powers, I got the impression you didn’t know he lost them by the time he joined the LSH. Maybe you don’t remember the powers because he didn’t have them for more than five minutes.

    I smiled at Rob saying he would have voted for Aquaman as JLA leader - his first act if you voted him in would have been to disband the League!