Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Coverage of a mid-90's Green Arrow story from DC Comics.
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  1. I have quietly amassed quite a few of these 90s Showcases. After recently revisiting a few of them for some upcoming projects, I've come to realize that there were some pretty decent stories, therein.

    You covered one of the ones I don't have & did a great job with the material. I agree with your assessment that this probably wouldn't have sold me on the GA series, had I read it back in the day, but it sounds good for what it was - which is maybe a good description of the whole Showcase project.

    Enjoyable listen!

  2. Thanks for another great episode. Ah Conner Hawke, what a sweet dullard you were. Junior Green Arrow with none of the spice of the older version. Who cares if he knows the martial arts, that's just diluting the Queen USP - plus, it's rather hard to dive around like Jackie Chan without spilling all the arrows. It's safe to say I never found his series in the least compelling, and resented him taking space in Showcase that lesser-seen heroes or heroines could have used. This was fine, as you say, but pointless.

    Still, it's great to hear you talk about anything, and well done Doug on the new mailbag name.